When you read the words “seven-day sex challenge” you may think to yourself that this sounds like the beginning of a lame self-help book or one of those articles featured in Cosmo that you read at the dentist’s office.

However, there’s a reason articles like these exist. These facts about what happens when you increase your sexual activity, however small, will change your whole perception of sex and the benefits it might bring you. While some of these tips may seem like no-brainers, they will make a world of difference when it comes to improving your life.

Did we catch your attention? Head on over to slide 10 to see why you should “start” this challenge.

10. This Challenge Doesn’t Care Who You Sleep With

So here’s the first step in finding your sexual bliss. To do this properly the first part of this seven-day challenge is to have sex with your partner seven days a week until the challenge is over with. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right?

9. Are You Too Busy To Get Busy?

If you’re just exhausted after coming home from work, or just ran out of time that day, you can pare your sex schedule down to four days a week. Why four days a week? Well, studies have shown that people who get down four days a week make more money, and who doesn’t love money?

8. Ditch The Gym And Get In The Sack

Anyone who’s anyone knows that you can get a real workout from having sex. Ever feel a cramp in your leg or pull a muscle? Have more sex and stretch those legs out! Not only will you up your workout routine but there’s a ton of health benefits. So ditch the gym, and get in bed.

7. Having Sex Can Make You Look Younger

Do you know increasing your sexual activity with your partner will make you look younger? If you up your cardio in bed it’s not only going to make you feel younger but you’ll start to notice a youthful glow about you. That sure beats sweating at the gym, right?

6. Sex Can Improve Your Mental Health

Having sex doesn’t just up your physical health, but it does a great deal for your mental health as well. According to studies, when you have sex, chemical endorphins are released. These chemicals help you fight off depression and anxiety. So if you’re ever feeling blue, sit your partner down and get to work.

5. Release The Kraken (Of Chemicals)

Think the only thing that’s released are the endorphins? Think again! All kinds of chemicals are released while you’re having sex. The best part is they all promote positive brain function. If you’re a man, in addition to endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, and thyrotropin are all instantly released during orgasm.

4. Sex Can Make You Form An Attachment

While sex is a very physical act, that isn’t the only thing that the act provides couples. While having sex with your partner, or with someone casual, it can make you form an emotional bond with that person. If you feel like you’ve been lacking a specific connection with your partner, get busy!

3. Sex Is The Ultimate Pain Reliver

Want to find an easy way to kick pain? Try some physical intimacy! According to studies, having an orgasm can block your pain. If you have chronic pain, then having sex can ease your discomfort. Some pain that orgasms fix includes cramps, back pain, arthritis, and headaches. Talk about a fun pain reliever!

2. Sex Lowers Your Blood Pressure

We’ve covered mental health and physical health, but what about metabolic health? Sex aides that, too! Scientists have said having more sex lowers your blood pressure. If you want to get more specific, it lowers your systolic pressure.

1. Live A Fuller Life And Have More Sex

Do you want to live a longer life? Are you thinking about enjoying life to the fullest? If we didn’t make this obvious you should definitely have more sex. Not only is there an overall benefit but some believe that having sex extends your life. With our list in mind, who can argue with that?

So there you have it. We’ve learned that it’s extremely beneficial to your health by jumping into the seven-day sex challenge. As we’ve learned from this list, sex can cure a lot that we don’t ordinarily pay attention. The best part about upping your sexual activity is that you can subconsciously work to improve your health on multiple levels. In fact, you probably already have. Now all you have to do is increase your volume of sex and you’ll up your chances of living your best life possible!